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Project: Rebranding of Juara


Today, we are thrilled to present our rebranding project for Juara, an exceptional milk dairy brand. Inspired by the brand name, which means Champion, the logo features an iconic illustration of a person raising their hand in triumph, symbolizing Juara's commitment to excellence. In addition to the brand logo, we extended our creative vision to the packaging design, ensuring that it is allign with the brand identity. To further enhance Juara's presence in the market, we also curated a visually stunning product catalogue that showcases their range of products in a infomative and captivating manner.

Brand Identity Design

Our brand Identity design for Juara, a brand that embraces both tradition and trend. Our mission was to create a brand visual that keeps Juara up-to-date while staying true to their roots. Our brand visual design for Juara is seamlessly intergrated across various marketing materials, including brochures, company profile, and stationery, ensuring a consistent and impactful brand presence. 

Packaging Design

The redesign of Juara Packaging, a project that combines innovation with familiarity. Our goal was to create packaging designs that are both on-trends and recognizable to loyal customers. We carefully balanced modern elements with the essence of Juara’s previous packaging design, ensuring a seamless transition that resonates with the brand identity. The result is a fresh and captivating packaging that stands out on the shelves and reflects Juara’s commitment to quality and style.