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Disney 100

It's an honour to share our product design portfolio, celebrating the magic of Disney's 100th anniversary! Our graphic design team was thrilled to dive into the official Disney 100th style guide, capturing its essence and reinterpreting it across varied merchandise.

Embracing the Disney 100th Magic

We meticulously applied the official style guide to various products, including stationery, electrical appliances, wall clocks, and watches. Through meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of the guide’s spirit, we aimed to bring the 100th-anniversary celebration to life across different product categories.


Sticker with DIsney characters
A silver laptop cover stick with Disney characters stickers
DIsney characters pencil
Blue colour highlighter with donald, green colour highlighter with buzz
Blue colour pencil bag with disney characters
Disney 100th pencil bag
Pen holder and pen with Disney 100th design
Disney 100th theme note book
Disney 100th themed paper bag
Disney 100th Gift box
disney family wrapping paper
4 gluestick with Disney Characters
Stitch Keychain
Mickey Keychain
Lotso Keychain
Minnie Keychain

Evoking Memories and Sparking Joy

Beyond aesthetics, our designs aim to ignite cherished memories and spark imaginations. Each product serves as a tangible reminder of beloved Disney moments, inviting generations to connect and celebrate the shared joy of the Disney legacy. Whether it’s the playful vibrancy of the stationery set or the timeless elegance of the watch design, each piece whispers stories and fuels the magic for children and adults.

Disney bread toaster
Disney Blender
Disney wallclock
white colour disney watch

Exploring Our Portfolio

We invite you to delve into our other portfolio and discover the capability of our design team. Let’s connect to explore how we can translate your vision into impactful and memorable products that resonate with your target audience.