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Landing Page Design


This portfolio showcases the landing page designs we crafted for Celovis, a captivating jewellery brand known for its unique designs and meaningful stories. Each landing page was tailor-made to celebrate special occasions, raise awareness for important causes, and, ultimately, connect with their target audience on an emotional level.

Valentine's Day Landing Page Design

Spark hearts and ignite romance with this elegant Valentine’s Day landing page. Soft hues of pink and red create a warm and inviting atmosphere, while stunning product showcasing highlights the perfect gifts for loved ones. Interactive elements like personalized love notes and gift suggestions enhance the user experience, driving emotional engagement and encouraging purchases.


website Design with Valentine's day theme
Valentine's day Ad design of jewellery
Valentine's day Ad design of jewellery

Christmas Landing Page Design

Let the magic of Christmas unfold with this enchanting landing page. Rich reds and greens paired with twinkling snowflakes evoke a festive spirit. Compelling storytelling through product descriptions and gift guides inspires emotional connections, while subtle CTAs seamlessly guide users towards finding the perfect present for under the tree.

web design with christmas theme
Christmas theme social media design
Christmas Ad Design

Malaysia's Day Landing Page Design

Celebrate national pride in style with this vibrant landing page. Featuring bold colours and iconic Malaysian motifs, the design ignites cultural appreciation. The campaign encourages users to express their patriotism, fostering a sense of community and shared identity.

Pink October Campaign Landing Page Design

Raise awareness and empower with this impactful landing page. Designed in collaboration with breast cancer awareness organizations, the page uses powerful visuals and informative content to educate users about the cause. A dedicated campaign encourages visitors to participate actively in the fight against cancer.

Pink October theme website design
Pink October promotional advertisement
Pink October Campaign Graphic Design

These landing pages represent a glimpse into our ability to craft captivating and effective online experiences. Our approach combines strategic storytelling, impactful design, and user-centric optimization, ensuring your brand message resonates with your target audience and drives desired results.

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Social Media design of jewellery brand
ad design of jewelleries
Ad design of jewellery